Update on Lake George and Farmington events

August 3, 2011 - 2:19pm by Anonymous (not verified)

Lake George Tri is selling out – there are only a few spots left. If you are still interested in joining us for the weekend, please sign up ASAP. About 10 people from the Team are already signed up. We are going to camp Friday and Saturday (Sept 2nd and 3rd) and coming back to New Haven Sunday night.

Also, for the last race of the Farmington-Winding Trails offroad Tri series on Tuesday, August 16th, there should be some celebration with food and drinks. Everybody from the team is welcome to join, for either the race (6pm) or the party, and even better for both.

For more info and questions about both events and related issues (carpooling, accommodation, directions, etc) please post on the forum.