Start saving the date!

January 21, 2013 - 4:06pm by Anonymous (not verified)

Dear Triathletes,

in the next couple months we’ll again put together a race calendar, which we’ll all be able to edit with the races we plan to attend, making it easy to coordinate.

In the meanwhile, there are already some dates you may considering saving:

May 18th, Harryman Triathlon: only two hours away, a nice early season race. Good option as a season opener.

June 1-2, Rev3 Quassy, Olympic and Half. A Yale Tri Club favorite, only 45 minutes away, like in the past years we’ll all go to volunteer and race.

June 29-30, HITS North Country Tri. Four hours away, it offers all distances from sprint to full Ironman. It is the cheapeast race you’ll find around - as long as you register in February. A good option for a weekend racing getaway.