Rev3 Quassy – Half recap

June 12, 2013 - 7:18pm by Anonymous (not verified)

I had done this race last year and remember thinking I was crazy for starting my season with a half-ironman.   It seemed even crazier this year as the date quickly approached and I felt undertrained and unprepared.  Last year I had many teammates joining me in the fun/pain but this year I was the only Yalie on the starting line.  Next year I hope to have some teammates out there again! I truly love this race though and figured I would get through it slowly but surely and that’s exactly what I did. 

The swim, typically my least favorite part of the race, was my best leg.  I was under my goal time by several minutes so I went into the bike (my favorite) feeling confident.   I went out conservatively on the bike and by the time I was supposed to pick up the pace, the unrelenting climbs, the 86 degree heat and blazing sun had started to wear me down.  I parked my bike in transition disappointed with the clock but reminding myself that my day was far from over as the hilly half marathon awaited me. 

The first 3 miles of the run were a struggle as I was experiencing terrible indigestion from the calorie loading on the bike forcing me to walk several times.  Finally around mile 3.5, just when the hills are starting, I started to feel slightly better and decided I needed to finish strong, even if my overall race wasn’t turning out the way I wanted.  It seemed that everyone was walking by that point so simply running at all meant I was passing tons of people.  Fueled by the encouragement of spectators and volunteers commenting on how fast I was moving compared to the other racers around me, I was able to negative split the run and finish really strong.  I sprinted through the finish to hear them announce my finish as “Colleen from Yale.”  It was a long, hot day but  there are aspects I’m really proud of and as always, I already forget the pain and can’t wait to race again!

This is me right after I finished.  So tired but so happy to be done…

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