Race report: Lake George Triathlon

September 18, 2011 - 1:37pm by Anonymous (not verified)

“Best camping trip ever” was the praise from one of the Yale triathletes about the Lake George Triathlon expedition. This says all about a very successful trip, on both the triathlon and the fun side! Nine of us competed in the first race of the season for the NECTC conference, an Olympic distance race.

The start was scheduled for 7:00 am, and after convincing Colleen that there was no point in showing up in transition at 5:10 (at which time Henk was still asleep in his Everest base camp tent), the preparations for the race went well; even Jon Arellano made it to the start in time, despite after setting up his transition zone and sending a couple of faxes, he had to run back to the campground to get his bike tools.

The race was great, with perfect weather and a nice course which was challenging but not excessively, making it very pleasant. We all did great: the men’s team placed 3rd in the conference, whereas the women took 8th and could have placed much better if they had more athletes to earn additional points. Congratulations to Francesc and Colleen who were the top performers for the men’s and women’s team. Colleen doubled this success by winning the even more prestigious carbo-recovery competition that for several hours followed the race, whereas Avik claimed gold in the campground running competition’s men’s division, which took place in the dark. Finally, a special mention for Matt and Captain Jon who won the Minigolf tournament, after which it became pretty much evident to everybody that…we better stick to triathlons.

A big thank you goes to Sofia and Nghi, as this trip wouldn’t have been the same without them taking care of us for the whole weekend, bravely bearing the company of a bunch of obsessed triathletes who can only talk about…triathlons. The dinner they cooked for us on the campfire was simply delicious. Too bad we couldn’t have s’mores, with the exception of Matt, that is.

Please check out our PICTURES HERE, and thanks to everybody in the Yale Triathlon Team for being awesome!