NJ State Triathlon Race Report

July 29, 2011 - 6:49am by Anonymous (not verified)

After my hilly Olympic debut at Rev3, I decided on a self-proclaimed “flat and fast” course for my second Olympic distance race: the New Jersey State Triathlon on July 24th.  The race was about a 30 min drive from my parents’ house so conveniently I was able to disguise my addiction to racing as a weekend home with my family. Perfect.

 Race day was REALLY hot. Too hot.  The water temperature was 88°F and the air temp was over 90 with a heat index in triple digits by the run.  I will summarize the swim by saying it was uncomfortably warm and I was blind for the second half due to the blazing sun.  The bike was true to its description –flat and fast.  I felt great, though thirstier than usual, and have to admit pedaling past jacked men on tricked out tri bikes is now on my list of the best moments in life. I slid into my running shoes, really pleased with my bike time and excited for the best part of my race.  It was tough with the heat but I felt brief rejuvenation at every aid station since they were equipped with sprinklers and ice bags to hand out.  I knew I was running more slowly than I had hoped but when I saw the people around me struggling through the heat I knew I had to just do my best for the conditions.  I finished in 2:52 which was 362nd out of 944 overall (ranked 530, 454, and 264 on the swim, bike, and run respectively).  I’m certainly not winning but at least I’m getting faster with each race.

The absolute best part of the race for me was my fan club.  My mom, dad, and sister were there to cheer me on which was a first for the Feriod family.  It was so nice to see them several times throughout the course and hear them cheering my name.  I hope I made them proud but I guess I did since my dad informed me that I “smoked some guy at the end and made him look like he was standing still.” :)

THRILLED to be out of that hot water

This is me dying I mean running