Hey Yale Triathlete, what are you doing on September 3rd?

July 6, 2011 - 7:56am by Anonymous (not verified)

Perhaps you’ve planned a trip to the mountains? Finally meeting again with your sweetheart who’s been away on a rotation the whole summer? Watching six baseball games in a row on TV? Or is it time for that so-long-ago planned experiment that will earn you a Science paper?


The mountains have been there for millions years, so they’ll likely still be there if you wait one more week . Break up with your partner, who knows what happened during the summer away, there’s plenty of fish in the sea (or in Lake T, for that matter). Baseball is boring. And finally, be honest with yourself: you’ll never publish on Science.


You are going to join a massive Yale expedition set to conquer Lake George. Lake George Triathlon will be the highlight of the Yale Tri Team season, and several of our athletes will spend a weekend of triathlon and fun there. We’ll give our best in the race on Saturday morning, and have the rest of the day, the night, and all Sunday to enjoy the beautiful surroundings with our favorite activities. And if the Olympic distance is too short for you, just shoot for the half distance on Sunday! The rest of the Yale team will support and cheer you on when those last 5k on the run feel like racing straight in hell. As far as I’m concerned, I’ll spend Sunday enjoying a 6-pack laying in the grass.

So, on the September 3rd weekend, the best choice for you is to join the Yale Triathlon Team and race Lake George Triathlon. Besides, it is cheap! If you are a member of the Team, you get a discounted rate and pay only $70.

Have you signed up yet? Do it now, HERE!