Finals Study Break (Covert Night Run up East Rock Park)

December 13, 2012 - 8:47pm by Anonymous (not verified)

This was one of our more creative activities. With most of us under the weight of finals and pool practice on break until January, what better outlet than to meet up and do a little night run up to the top of East Rock? While not something I’d do every day (30 degrees…), it happened to be a new moon and the Geminids meteor shower, so beat that. I can’t believe anybody was willing to indulge me in this idea - you guys are awesome. I think we logged ~5 freezing miles and some decent elevation. And no cops!


Yale Tri Team overlooking New Haven from the top of East Rock Park (Dec 2012)(l to r: Roberto DiNiro, Karlyn Nieland, Francesc Lopez, JJ Weis, Adina Matisoff)

Yale Tri Team with East Rock monument in background (Dec 2012)

(l to r: Tommy Hayes, Karlyn Neiland, Francesc Lopez, Adina Matisoff, JJ Weis, Roberto DiNiro, East Rock Monument)