Thursday Night Tri Party

June 17, 2011 - 11:49am by Anonymous (not verified)

While most college students view Thursday nights as the best night to party, a group of us Yale triathletes think it’s the perfect time for a race.  There are a few triathlon series in CT that offer weeknight sprint races throughout the summer season.  The races are cheap, no-frills, fun, and great training.  This past Thursday, five of us from Yale ventured out to Lake Terramuggus (call it Lake T, if you’re cool) in Marlborough, CT for a 600yd swim, 12 mile bike, and 5K run.  The course was nice:  lake swim and some hills on the bike and run. 

During the run, I saw Francesc coming toward me with 2 other runners right behind him.  I got very excited as I thought he was winning the whole race.  But then I realized he had his hands in the air and was shouting “where do we go?!?”  Yikes.  We later found out that a homeowner had removed the sign telling us where to turn from his front yard.  So Francesc took a little running detour while Roberto nursed his 4th flat tire of the season on the bike.  Glad my race wasn’t so eventful.

The post-race snacks were beer and beer (no bananas AGAIN!) and they handed out random prizes to race participants.  We had great luck here since 4 of the 5 of us got prizes.  Francesc and I each got a bottle of wine, J.J. won some coffee, Jon got a t-shirt…. all Roberto got was a flat tire.  Jeez.  Tough night for Roberto.  Anyway, the Yale team might not have won the race but we really dominated the raffle prizes!   Overall, the Lake T Tri was realllllly fun and I’m happy to hang up my GPSCY membership for the summer if it means spending my Thursday nights like this.

Cooling off in the lake post-race

And here we are with our prizes