Pledge to Brian’s Hope: David Demres vs David Ellis, charity cause

September 10, 2013 - 7:41am by Anonymous (not verified)

Who will win this year’s Hammerfest Triathlon?

Dave Ellis, the 2012 champion of the Hammerfest Triathlon, thinks he has this year’s race in the bag on September 15. As the 2011 champion, I think he’s got another think coming. To heighten the deal, we’ve put $20 on the line – in the form of a donation to Brian’s Hope, the organizers of Hammerfest and charity dedicated to stopping the progression of ALD.

Who is your bet on? Pledge to back Dave Ellis or Dave Demres, that if one of us wins the overall race, you’ll donate to this great cause. We don’t ask for much: just $5 or more to put your skin in the game.

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