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A b o u t

The Yale Triathlon Team was founded in Fall 2004 by Peter Chiu ’08 and Christopher Connelly ‘06 as the first intercollegiate club sport triathlon team in the Ivy League. The team currently competes in the Northeast Collegiate Triathlon Conference, consistently ranking in the top ten. Our membership continues to grow, and is composed of novices and Ironman competitors alike. All are welcome to join, and participate in our training sessions, or race with us during our fall season. 

D e f i n i t i o n
The Yale Triathlon Team is a coed group of Yale undergraduate students, graduate students and professional school students that voluntarily organize to pursue a recreational, athletic sport - triathlon - that is not otherwise offered at Yale. Competition and practice, while encouraged, is not mandatory.

P u r p o s e
1.) To fill the need for a uniquely structured sport activity that is competitive, recreational, and instructional in nature.

2) To provide a learning experience through student involvement in fund raising, organization, administration, budgeting, leadership, and scheduling, in addition to athletic skill in triathlon.

O p p o r t u n i t i e s
The Yale Triathlon Team offers the advantages of student leadership, flexibility, and non-regimentation. Club privileges include use of the Yale name, a small budget and athletic facilities when available. THe Yale Triathlon Team is supervised by the Athletic Department, but the day-to-day operations are run by club-nominated student officers. These functions include scheduling practices and matches, contacting trainers and referees, arranging transportation and budgeting.

Clay Tebbetts: Head Coach of the Yale Triathlon Team 
USA Triathlon Certified Coach 
USA Triathlon Certified Race Director
Co-Founder of Team Mossman Triathlon Club 
Co-Founder of Team Mossman Events 
Johnny G Certified Spin Instructor 
20 years in the sport of Triathlon 
Over 100 triathlons completed including 10 Ironman events

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